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Born in Africa (Mozambique) and raised in the Portuguese countryside, I’ve been living in Lisbon for more than 20 years. Went to college as a late bloomer to attend European Studies and then a Management post graduate program. This plus a corporate job should be reasons enough to have nothign to do with photography. Well, not really… Since an early age I was drawn to arts and had attempts in several areas throughtout my life: design, multimedia, acting, painting (what a flop!). But one form of art was always there: Photography.

I’ve loved to take pictures since I can remember but only in the more recent years it has become a serious hobby. More: a serious pleasure! It has been a growing passion and a learning process that I know – and hope – may never end.

I’m pretty much an all around photographer – there are so many interesting subjects, so many things to capture and different ways to do it. The world is full o potential, especially for those of us who like to observe details.

But I do have favourites: landscapes and common people are my most recurrent subjects. They allow me to capture a unique moment, casual fragments of ordinary people.

In 2018 I had the pleasure and opportunity to hold my first individual exhibition at the Odivelas Exhibition Center entitled “Humans”. The “Humans” project is born of the attraction for faces we meet on the street, from the pleasure of observing ordinary people involved in their world, deep in their thoughts. Stories told by expressions, smiles or the lines of time.

Clues in a mystery that is up to us, as spectators, to interpret. Portrait photography, in this untested way, awakens sensations that fill an emotional triangle: the subject’s emotion (or its absence), the photographer’s vision and interpretation at the moment of the shot, and lastly the reaction (or indifference) of those who see the final result. The “Humans” project is represented in this website by a small selection of images, as the overall collection is already reaching 400 images (you may see it in more depth in my Facebook page).

In this website you’ll find some of my work and more can be seen in digital media (Facebook, Instagram and Flickr), whose links are available throughout the site.

Let me share a little of my world, my vision.
Welcome and thank you for stopping by.